We  love to hear from our customers about what their JMD key necklaces mean to them.  We are humbled and touched when they share these stories with us.  Going forward, we are going to highlight some of our wonderful customers and ask them to share with us their stories.  Each one is poignant and meaningful to us and we'd like to share them with you.  Meet Lisa, our first contributor.  She is a mother, wife, writer, animal lover and cancer survivor.  We are proud that she wears a JMD necklace!
     “When I was first diagnosed with cancer two years ago, I never worried for myself, but for my children instead. My own mother was and still is such an important part of my daily life, it saddened me most to imagine my children might someday be without me, years and decades much too soon.
     With a devoted and loving husband and family, along with numerous supportive friends, my battle with cancer was and has been eased immeasurably. My relationship with my children has only been strengthened and become more cherished with each day that passes.
     Along with hope and faith, there were several things I prayed for during my most challenging moments…I prayed for the courage and the grace to be an example for my children and teach them that sometimes the difficulties we suffer reveal to us the true significance and meaning of life.
     When I first discovered the handmade vintage JMD necklaces, embossed with the words 'courage' and 'grace', I knew I had to have two – one for me and one for my daughter.  We wear these necklaces daily, sometimes trading back and forth to enjoy each message depending on our moods, and it gives us joy to know that no matter where we each go, we are kindred spirits with shared beliefs. “
Lisa and her daughter with JMD necklaces

Lisa and her daughter with JMD necklaces

     “We are all ever aware now that “but for the grace of God, go I.” These necklaces serve as a constant reminder of not only what we survived, but of how we must continue to thrive.”
     Lisa's personal story and journey really inspires us here at JMD and we'd love to hear more.  Please reach out to us,  we want to hear YOUR story!
Lisa M. Bakos has a BA in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles and enjoys writing children's books when she's not taking care of her loving but slightly crazy family. She often has cold feet because she lives with an assortment of snugglers and a caboodle of cover hogs, including but not limited to one husband, three kids, and three cats. Keeping her busy in between, are two horses, one bunny, and one bird (who thinks he's a human). To find out more about her books, please visit her website at www.lisambakos.com. For more information about her journey with cancer, please visit her blog at www.lisambakos.blogspot.com
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