Vicky Bevilacqua-True co-founded Reva Wear a few years ago because she believed in the power of physical activity.  Reva Wear makes running apparel and sell specifically via the marathon market (as well as thru Costco and online).  Reva Wear had the official merchandise rights to The SF Marathon a few weeks ago where they set up a 4000 square foot store at Fort Mason.  As a runner, it has been a dream of Vicky's to do something in the marathon event space, so it is a dream realized!  REVA  also has a social mission which was paramount to all of the founders.   “Kids who participate in sports not only benefit physically, socially, and emotionally, they are also more likely to succeed in their personal and professional lives. That’s why Reva donates 1% of sale and at least 1% of their time to supporting programs that provide sport activities for underserved children and youth”.   Programs like Girls On The Run are the wonderful recipients of Reva's generousity.  Vicky also ran the SF Half Marathon with 11 extended family members to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  They've raised around $150K  over the past 4 or so years.  We are impressed!

Vicky Bevilacqua-True

Vicky Bevilacqua-True



Like JMD, philanthropy and giving back to the community, supporting social programs and promoting good health  is part of Reva Wear's core philosophy.  We could not have been more flattered to find Vicky wearing one of JMDs Chain Reaction Key necklaces.

Vicky Bevilacqua-True wearing her JMD necklace

Vicky Bevilacqua-True wearing her JMD necklace

“I loved the uniqueness of the jewelry and, more importantly, the necklaces represented real opportunity for women at Harbor House.  I love the idea of women helping other women!”

Vicky says “I chose the word “Inspire” for my necklace– after all, if we are not inspired, the world seems a little flat!  Inspired is really the opposite of expired.   I read this on the web and it sums it up so well– “Expired” means 'dead' as in having breathed out the spark of life. “Inspired” means the opposite – having breathed in the spark. So to be 'inspired' by someone or something actually means to have taken it in, in a way that changes your life.'”  Vicky continues, “I bought the necklace for me to enjoy but had no idea it would be such a conversation piece! I have had strangers walk up and ask “what's up with the key” and friends ask if it's my house key.  It's unique and leads to a great conversation.  A friend very sweetly added the cross to my order, so now I wear both together- a reminder of my faith as well. What's not to love!”
Vicky True's family running the SF Half Marathon

Vicky True's family after running the SF Half Marathon

reva wear 1

Reva Wear display

Reva wear 3

Reva Wear merchandise for SF Marathon

As if co-founding Reva Wear wasn't enough, Vicky also founded Better World B2B.  Vicky took her passion for public service and fair trade products and turned them into a thriving business that exemplifies the same belief as Jennifer Montana Design.  Giving back is the best business model around.  “Better World B2B is on a mission! That mission is to work with socially responsible companies who really “walk the talk”— the good guys who put quality and doing the right thing above profits — and help them find a wider audience.”

JMD is honored and delighted that Vicky wears one of our Chain Reaction Key necklaces.  We believe that the reason Vicky wears a key with the word INSPIRE on it, is because SHE inspires US!

We'd love to hear personal stories about your JMD Chain Reaction Necklace and share it with our readers.  Send an email to mfrench@jennifermontanadesign, we'd love to feature you here on our blog!
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