We all start to panic as Mother's Day gets closer,  what we are going to get for our moms???  We know as both mothers and daughters, we are caught in the middle of what to get our own mothers and what we WANT from our own families.  Well, we  have solved the problem…  Here at JMD, we've come up with wonderful designs to GIVE and to GET!

The design team came up with the theme, gifts our mothers have given us.  Of course we are referring to the intangible gifts our mothers have inspired and instilled in us.  We've created beautiful key designs that merge MOM with the gifts we've received from her.  What a lovely testament to the woman that has loved and cherished us our whole lives.  These necklaces will remind your mom of how much she is appreciated and thought of, every time she puts in on!




What better tribute can we give our mothers than gratitude for the many values they have helped us develop.  These are the same gifts we will give to our own children as they grow up.   JMD has really captured the spirit of Mother's Day with these limited edition key necklaces.  One of the best parts of giving your mom a JMD key necklace, is that 80% of net profits are donated to many different non-profits in the bay area and around the country.  How's that for giving a gift that keeps on giving?  For a limited time, the Mother's Day necklaces are available for $99, a great price!




JMD necklaces are made at Harbor House, an Oakland, CA based non-profit.  “We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live well and thrive. Unfortunately, people in low-income communities face barriers to such opportunities. Through our programs, we strive to lower these barriers because we believe that every area of human need is important and requires an appropriate response for the well-being of the individual and the community”.  We are proud that our necklaces are made by hands that are loving, caring and in need of dignified work and wages.  This is yet another way JMD makes gift giving both joyful and philanthropic.  What will your mom think when she opens a JMD Key necklace this Mother's Day?   Our guess is that YOU will be the winner!

PS- You might want to forward this to family members so they know just what to get YOU this Mother's Day!

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