Our Mission
To create high quality, casual yet is cialis over the counter elegant handmade jewelry that inspires people to be positive – simultaneously providing underprivileged individuals with economic opportunity and support.

What We're All About
At Jennifer Montana Design, we create distinctive, inspirational jewelry while providing employment opportunities to and for economically disadvantaged people.

Our chic, versatile Chain Reaction key necklaces are created by Jennifer Montana, and influenced by her children: Alexandra, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, and Nicholas.  Her infinite love for her family as well as the joy of witnessing her children’s growth into adulthood serve as her most important life inspirations.  Their influence is reflected in her painting, photography, ceramics, and gourmet product creations (such as olive oil and wine) – and now with her jewelry, she's able to further express her creativity.  As Jennifer’s sense of gratitude deepens, so does her sense of timely aspirations to give back to others via creative, artistic channels.

Thus, Jennifer Montana Design was founded by way of uniquely designed gifts reflecting inspirational words as a show of appreciation for countless blessings – and also to provide solace for those in need of countless blessings.

Our Chain Reaction keys are engraved with one of 10 motivational words – each word conveying a message of encouragement and optimism, specially chosen for its owner.  The key itself represents an opening to a new beginning . . . new life . . . new outlook . . . new opportunities – effectively a chain reaction of good things to fall upon you.

Each Chain Reaction necklace is handmade by members of Harbor House, a non-profit community center in Oakland, CA.  Harbor House provides services for low-income individuals and families, and we endeavor to provide them with employment opportunities.  Upon purchase of a JMD key necklace, not only are you gifting a treasured heirloom, but you are helping to keep the talented Harbor House individuals employed and empowering them with hope for brighter futures.

JMD aspires to distribute 80% of net profits to Four Rings Montana Family Foundation.  The Foundation was established in 2004 by Jennifer and her husband Joe to support a variety of charities and causes – primarily in the area of improving the lives of underprivileged individuals who have experienced neglect, abuse, and immigration challenges.

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Our Goals & Inspiration
We exist because of two goals that are very near and dear to our hearts:

Our first goal is to create casual yet elegant jewelry that goes beyond stylishly accessorizing – our jewelry inspires and encourages.  Each key on every necklace is engraved with an affirmative word reminding the owner of a message that means something special to him/her.  It’s a personal token and a private reminder – whether the message is to dream big, have faith, or hold on to one’s courage. . . .

Our second goal is to improve the lives of underprivileged individuals.  As Jennifer Montana Design sales increase, so too will employment opportunities for the members of Harbor House.  With JMD’s growth, we hope that our support of qualified charities increases year after year.

With great excitement, we kindly ask you to join us in giving a gift of words to individuals you love – all the while helping underprivileged individuals take pride in creating financial stability and security for their families.

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